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Run free Bianca xx February 21, 2010

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We’ve had 7 new arrivals this week.

On Tuesday we collected two female rats. They were rescued by a STAR supporter when the person that bred them threatened to abandon them in the wild when they didn’t sell. Unfortunately they hadn’t been handled at all and were subsequently very nervous and bitey and rather too much for our friend to handle; so she asked us to help. They are Tinker and Tailor and they are two, one year old agouti girls. Tinker is a little shy but has been quite curious with us so far. Tailor is probably the most terrified little girl I have ever met and panics when we go anywhere near her. It’s going to take some time to win these girls over I think. They are living with our resident girls who are helping them to settle in quite nicely. No pictures yet I’m afraid as I didn’t want to upset them with the camera.

And then on Thursday we found 5 new baby hamsters in the nursery cage. This confirmed that the remaining Mum, Sally, was the mother of the older babies (now known as Luke and Leia) and the newborns. The middle litter of three had come from poor Carla who passed away last week. We were worried as to whether Sally would or even could continue to care for them now that she had two litters of her own to look after. We’re still trying not to disturb the nest too much but it looks as though two of Carla’s litter have passed away. I was worried about the one remaining baby but we have seen him/her out and about and trying to eat solids this evening so I’m feeling more hopeful. Of course, we could remove that baby and try to syringe feed it but Sally does seem to be taking some care of it so I think its best chance is to stay with the others. Luke and Leia are growing up fast and I need to separate Luke in the next couple of days to make sure there are no more babies. I’m hoping he and Russell roborovski might make friends.

On Wednesday we were very saddened by the loss of Bianca. She had a lump removed a year ago and it didn’t go well. She had lots of anaesthetics to keep stitching her back up as she kept opening her op site up. When she developed another lump in July last year I decided not to rush into having it removed. It hardly changed for months but then in December it started to grow rapidly. By this time Bianca was over two years old and had respiratory problems so I was still very reluctant to put her through another operation. But t got to the point where it was causing her problems and we were faced with having to let her go. So really we had to give the op a try. So on Wednesday, almost exactly a year since her last operation, Emily removed her tumour. Unfortunately at the end of the procedure she stopped breathing and efforts to revive her failed.

Bianca was a massive character. Very much the boss of the cage and, well, of everyone to be honest. You had to be careful when feeding her in case she mixed your fingers and the food up. You couldn’t do so much as a spot clean with her in the cage or she would chase your hand round the cage and attack you. Rats recovering from surgery had to be kept away from her or she would start eating at their stitches! So, as you can imagine, she has left a big hole in our lives and we will miss her greatly.

Run free Moonpig xx