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And Christmas happiness December 29, 2009

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It hasn’t all been doom and gloom over Christmas. We have also been joined by some rather lovely new friends who already have new homes lined up!

On the 14th we took in four baby boy rats, Teddy, Morrison, Daffyd and Pippi who had been part of an accidental litter. Shelley and David in Basingstoke took them and their Mum in and did all the hard work and then we offered to help with finding some of them a new home. So they arrived already in good health and very friendly thanks to Shelley and David’s efforts. It was fortuitous timing as, of course, we had Quest on his own and looking for new friends after Foxy turned on him. Here they are all getting to know each other.

As I type the boys are finally all living happily together. Quest was apparently more upset by Foxy’s actions than I realised and this made intros a little difficult. He was very defensive and suspicious of the babies which is very unlike him. Anyway, the babies have been offered a dream home with Vic who is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable rat people I know. Even better, Vic is happy to take two of the babies now and leave two here to keep Quest company for however long he has left with us (bearing in mind he is now 28 months, quite impressive for such a special chap). The babies are such fun boys, incredibly sweet and playful. It has been 18 months since we had babies here so I’m really enjoying them.

And then on the 17th we met the lovely Stilton. Stilton is a young mouse boy who fell out with his brother and whose owner was concerned that she didn’t have enough time to keep him happy as a single mouse. So he has come here to be neutered so that he can live with other mice. Happily he has also already been offered a place in one of our very favourite mouse homes, with Gemma and Dan. He’ll be keeping Claude (previously known as Barry) company after he lost all of his lady friends recently. Sorry, no pic of Stilton yet but he’s a very handsome and cheeky lad. I promise to get photographic evidence of this soon 🙂