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Just checking in April 10, 2009

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Usual apologies for lack of updates etc etc. Grandpa passed away on 31st March so things have been pretty manic here on the non animal side of life (apparently there is such a thing, so I’m told!).

In fact, animal wise it’s been rather quiet since my last update. We’ve had one new arrival in the form of Lara a rather large and beautiful mouse. She is a permanent resident as she has tumours sadly. But she’s a big, healthy looking girl so I’m hoping she will be with us for a while yet. She is now living with Libby and Lois, the girls who have the skin lumps, and Simon, my favourite little boy who also had the lumps and who has now been neutered. He is loving his new life with his little harem!

Pretty quiet on the homing front too. Saskia and Sandy the mice who went to live with our fosterer Kelly have wangled their way into her heart and now have a permanent home 🙂 Trevor, Dot and Spot the mice travelled to their new home in Kent and two more neutered boys from our fosterer in Leeds have found love with some lady mice 😀

In other news, Mollie squirrel celebrated her 10th birthday! If I get a mo I’ll post the pics and video. Also, Begley had to have a dental this week as he had some broken and infected teeth. Happily, he has recovered well and is making the most of the extra attention!