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Vet Visits March 12, 2009

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Last week we took Reya degu and Gilly and Simon the mice to see our specialist vet, Rob at Seers Croft. Reya developed a lump under her jaw which Rob believed was tooth related. Gilly is one of the welsh mice who had mammary tumours. Her tumours had gotten very big so I wanted Rob to check and see if she was ok to carry on. He agreed that she was still comfortable although he didn’t think it would be too long for her. Simon had two of the blocked sebaceous glands that the welshies have issues with. In general Rob has recommended against removing them but Simon had developed one in the middle of his back and was worrying at it. He also had one on his ear. So yesterday we took Simon to have his lumps removed and to be neutered at the same time, we took Reya to have her abcess removed and teeth trimmed and we also took Reya’s sister Kandi to have her teeth as well. Simon, I’m delighted to say since he’s a bit of a fave of mine, coped brilliantly with his surgeries. Kandi’s teeth were pretty bad but all went well for her. We were a little concerned about Reya as she refused to eat initially but she’s looking fine again this morning (if a bit bald, bless her). While that lot were off having their bits done, I cleaned out Gilly’s group and gave Gilly her daily check over. The sparkle had gone from her eyes and she had started to look uncomfortable. It was time 😦

When I spoke to Rob to see how everyone else was I asked if he was consulting that evening to see Gilly. He wasn’t but he stayed behind especially to see her. He could so easily have referred us to one of the other vets in the surgery to perform the simple task of sending Gilly on her way but he didn’t. He likes to see things through. This is what makes Rob so special (as well as his incredible knowledge). There are pictures of him examining Rhino’s in the surgery yet he shows the same level of care and respect for what most people would call vermin as he would for an endangered species. And what is more, he didn’t even charge us a penny for the times he examined Gilly and for letting her go. He just wrapped her carefully in a little tissue shroud and treated her with amazing care. We are so incredibly lucky to have found him.

Run free Gilly bean. It was an honour and an inspiration to have known you.


Better! January 13, 2008

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I feel much better today 🙂

I have spent literally all day catching up with the cleaning out and doing the last bits of reorganising left over from our refurbishment. So I am finally up to date with the cleaning!! Yay!! And the room is all clean and tidy! Well apart from the two fat, grumpy rabbits currently living in the play area, much to their total disgust!

We have had some new arrivals too. I neglected to mention that last Sunday we had a gerbily arrival. A handsome, single older boy who I have called Gus. Today we took in three degus (as if we didn’t have enough of those already!). These people thought they could make some money out of breeding and selling degus. When the second litter failed to sell they thought they’d let a rescue pick up the pieces of their stupidity. Grrrr!!! So Emma has Daddy and the baby boys and Mummy and two baby girls have come here. Mummy (now called Calista) is more than likely pregnant again. They are blue degus which just means they are slightly different in colour really. Apparently blue degus are prone to malocclusion but what’s a painful, life threatening dental problem compared to getting very slightly prettier and easier to sell animals, eh? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!