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Norman the pocket rocket March 7, 2010

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You might recall from our last blog entry that we had one remaining baby hamster from Carla’s litter and I was quite concerned about whether it would survive. Well he turned out to be a tough little thing who fought on, eating solid food bigger than his head and swearing at me when I tried to handle him. All this earnt him the name of Stormin Norman the pocket rocket! This weekend he turned 4 weeks so the time came for him to leave his Mum. Here he is (on your right) saying goodbye to big sister Leia

Also, last time I mentioned that Luke needed to be separated and I was going to see if he would be friends with lonely roborovski boy Russell. Well, everything went better than I could have dreamed. Russell has been a very highly strung chap since his arrival and terrified of everything. He was even scared of Luke initially even though Luke was half his size. But when he calmed down they soon made friends and have been living together now for two weeks. In this time, the change in Russell has been remarkable. He has been out and about in his cage much more and yesterday I was even able to do this

It’s a pretty terrible picture but it’s the first time I could even contemplate taking a pic of Russ in my hand because previously I couldn’t keep hold of him because he was so panicky.

So I had no hesitation in having Norman move in with them even though Norm is rather small for his age and therefore tiny compared to the ever expanding Russell. Russ seems quite paternal with the baby russians and grooms and cares for them like a father. Here they are all together

Also yesterday, the youngest babies were 17 days old so I was finally able to give their cage a good clean out and handle them without worrying about Mum’s reaction. The five of them have all turned out beautifully and reacted very well to their first real handling session so I’m confident that they’re going to grow up with lovely temperaments.

So we can now start thinking about finding homes for them all. I suspect we will be looking for one home for Russell, Luke and Norman, a home for the other 2 or 3 boys, a home for Sally and Leia and a home for the other 2 or 3 girls, although I’d be very happy to find homes for them in larger groups too.

In other news we were joined by a new rat friend this week. Sky’s family could no longer keep him because they were moving to somewhere pets are not allowed. The hope is that Sky will move in with Henry as this week hasn’t been good in our boys cage. Henry has been to the vet to investigate a lump which appeared on his back. This looks to be cancerous but removal would be too risky as it may be attached to his spine. And, as I type, Quest is next to me on the sofa. It appears he may have had a stroke last night and will be joining his brothers at the bridge shortly. He turned two and a half a couple of weeks ago – not bad for the runt of an already bad litter who has had neurological issues all his life. So I hope that Sky and Henry will become friends although this may be challenging as Sky hasn’t lived with other rats before.

Oh and STAR was two years old yesterday! If you’re on our supporters mailing list you will already have a copy of our newsletter in your inbox but otherwise you can download it from 2010.doc

In it you will find the news that the man who caused the welsh mouse rescue in 2008 has again allowed his mouse population to explode and another 600 mice are looking for rescue places. We are now desperately trying to make space and raise funds so that we can help. Please have a look at the newsletter for details of how you can help us to save as many of these poor mice as possible.


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