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This week’s news February 14, 2010

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A quieter week this week thankfully but still with its comings and goings

On Tuesday we sadly said goodbye to Brandy mouse. You might recall that she joined us last month already with a very large tumour. We knew she wouldn’t have long with us and I decided on Monday that we would take her to the vets with us on Tuesday to let her go as she was starting to look tired. As it goes, she took herself off to the bridge on Tuesday afternoon. She was a very special girl, full of spirit. Even when her lump was so big she had to do a little sideways crab like walk she was still first to the food bowl and making the most of life.

And then yesterday we had a new arrival. We had gone to visit our dear friends and STAR supporters Amanda and Ronnie and, on the way home, called into their local branch of Pets at Home. I’ve been in dire need of some litter trays (not for me, I’m quite well toilet trained these days) and thought their larger branch might have them in stock. Of course I know I shouldn’t look at the adoption centre but there was a little male guinea pig advertised as needing to live alone. Now I’ve never kept a guinea pig before but I do know that, these days, it’s quite possible to have single males neutered so that they can live with females rather than being doomed to live all their life alone. I couldn’t bear the thought of this poor chap spending his life lonely and miserable unnecessarily so he came home with us. He’s too young for neutering yet but once he’s old enough he’ll be snipped and will be looking for a home with some ladies. His name is Roger and we’re loving getting to know a whole new species! Pics soon once he’s a little less overwhelmed.

In last week’s blog post I mentioned our mystery box of hamsters. Well it turned out to contain two mummy hamsters, one litter of two babies and one litter of four. One of the younger babies didn’t survive into its second day sadly so there are now five babies in all. We were very shocked and saddened to discover one of the mummy hamsters dead yesterday. We’d been making a point of giving each of them a treat by hand every evening to help them become tame and not see us as a threat to their babies so we know for certain that she was fine Friday night but gone Saturday afternoon. It’s a mystery and very very sad. Thankfully the two mummies were sharing the baby rearing so we’re hopeful that even if the younger ones aren’t hers, the remaining mum will continue to nurse them. The two older babies now have their eyes open so we’re making a point of handling them every day so they grow up nice and friendly. It’s a tough job, seeing as they’re so hideous, but someone’s got to do it 😉


One Response to “This week’s news”

  1. Serena Says:

    Hello, I’ve just come across STAR and your blog for the first time, and am so happy that I have.

    I’m a mouse lover myself, and it’s lovely to find an organisation that gives little creatures the care, attention and love they so deserve.

    I’ll be following you from now on!

    Serena x

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