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Hellos, Goodbyes, Au Revoirs and Welcomes February 7, 2010

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Apologies for leaving it so long between blog posts. I don’t know quite where this year has gone so far! There has been a lot of changes in the last 6 weeks so here we go…


Firstly, on New Year’s Eve we were joined by Russell the Roborovski hamster. He is on his own at the moment but we hope to find him company in the form of either another type of dwarf hamster or a mouse.

Then on the 18th January we took in 5 more welsh mouse ladies. We called them Tia, Brandy, Stella, Maria and Bailey. Tia, Stella and Bailey are healthy homeable mice, Maria is being assessed as she has a bald patch and Brandy is sadly another girl with a large tumour who has come here for her last days 😦

Four days later the mousey influx continued with another five girls, all healthy homeables this time. They were named Jester, Jazz, Gala, Kanzi and Liberty (special points for anyone who can spot the theme!)

On the same day, Emma from Furry Friends collected a male rat who had been found in a park, presumably after being dumped by someone who no longer wanted him. Emma didn’t have any boys suitable for him to mix with and asked if we did. She described him as an older chap who was very sweet natured so I reckoned it was worth seeing it he would live with Quest, freeing the baby boys up to go to their new home. Well, Henry, as he is now known, was exactly as described and he and Quest are now firm friends.

And then on Friday we were handed a bit of a mystery box. Furry Friends had a cage of moxed sex dwarf hamsters abandoned on their doorstep. We offered to take one of the girls and Emma brought us one who had given birth a couple of days previously. Her babies are in a house and we don’t want to disturb them and risk her abandoning them so at the moment we have no idea who is in there! Poor Mum is probably pregnant again though since she was in with boys two days after giving birth 😦


On the 4th January my very special girl Linette went to the vets for an exploratory operation. She had blood coming from her genitals so we thought she might have a womb infection – serious but treatable with a spay. Devastatingly it transpired that she had multiple tumours on her uterus and intestines so we had to make the decision to let her go. Nettie was a very dear girl to me. She arrived incredibly nervous and it took a long time to make friends. She became very interested in me but still not keen to be picked up. We kept working on it and eventually she became a very loving, friendly girl. She had this way of looking you right in the eye that just melted your heart.

On the 9th Duncan mouse lost his battle with the tumour that was attached to his penis 😦

Then on the 11th we had to say goodbye to another very special friend, Jules. He was born here in April 2008 and stayed because he had a habit of scratching himself to bits. He was a lovely chap and is very much missed.

On the 15th Niobe’s lump became too big for her to manage and we said goodbye

On the 18th we were very surprised by the loss of Claude, one of the group of boy mice.

And then later that day my dear little soul mouse Simon finally left us. He was one of the welsh mice who arrived in November 2008. I believed him to be old on arrival, at least a year old, so he really was very elderly indeed.

And then on the 29th our own degu, Reya, passed away. She was the last of six girls we adopted from Furry Friends in 2005. They hadn’t been well cared for in their previous home and the whole group had dental problems. Reya had several dental procedures but didn’t recover well from her last one so we didn’t feel it was right to put her through another when she was, by now, quite elderly. She was bouncy and full of mischief to the end and then passed away quite suddenly but very peacefully.

Au Revoirs

It has been a sad few weeks but also happy with many animals going to their new homes.

Jazz, Kanzi, Gala, Liberty and Jester went to their new home in Scotland 🙂

Stilton went to his new home to live with fellow STAR mouse, Claude. Here they are getting to know each other.

Today was bittersweet as Foxy went to his new home with Hayley. I was devastated to let him go but I’m so pleased he has found the ideal home and will have a much better life now.

Steven mouse went to his new home, to live with another lonely boy.

Tia, Bailey, Ellie and Stella mice went to their new home to keep a lonely girl company

and Pippi, Daffyd, Teddy and Morrison (aka The hooligans) went to live in the very aptly named Rat Ritz, the lucky chaps!


Today we have been joined by 11 new friends but none of them are looking for new homes and none are staying permanently! We have two delightful little girl rats from Lincoln Rat Rescue lodging here on their way to their new home on Thursday. And 9 very handsome boy rats are going to be staying here for a few weeks as their Mum, Sylvia, who helps us enormously with transporting animals to new homes, sadly broke her ankle last week and is of course finding cage cleaning rather difficult. So I’m surrounded by some really beautiful rats who I can just enjoy without worrying about finding them homes which is nice. I shall be taking some pics soon which I’ll share here.




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